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Name Seminar
Enrico Bodo Atom Molecule Reactive Scattering
Vincent Brems

The Feshbach-Fano partitioning method

Resonance Theory

Martin Cizek

Introduction to Scattering Theory

Introduction to Multichannel Scattering

Non-Local Nuclear Dynamics

Romarly F. da Costa

The Schwinger Multichannel Method: Basic Aspects of the Theory and Applications

Application of the Schwinger Multichannel Method in the Study of the Electronic Excitation of H2 Molecules by Electron-Impact: Development of the Minimal Orbital Basis for Single Configuration Interactions (MOB-SCI) Strategy

Roman Curik Optical potential in electron-molecule scattering
Jan Franz Electron Correlation in Molecules
Jimena Diaz Gorfinkiel

Basic Quantum Chemistry: how to represent molecular electronic states

The UK R-Matrix code

Andrea Grandi Shape resonances localization and analysis by means of the Single Center Expansion e-molecule scattering theory
Karel Houfek Discrete Variable Representation and Exterior Complex Scaling: methods and applications
Premysl Kolorenc

Feshbach-Fano-R-Marix Method

R-Matrix theory for spherically symmetric potential scattering

Michal Kovacic Discrete Momentum Representation
Slawek Telega Laboratory Frame Close Coupling Method
Simone Taioli Exploring the WAVEPACKET land: DEA calcualtions
Minaxi Vinodkumar A semi-rigorous method Modified single center additivity rule msc-ar for calculating various total cross sections